Male wearing BioRomper treated with silver ions walking through airport
Male wearing antimicrobial BioRomper at the airport

Your new travel uniform

We built BioRomper to meet the moment; an innovative new garment that blends fashion and function for everyday people on the move in this new normal. Our garments are built to be the perfect uniform for your next flight.



Peace of Mind

Our Story

The idea for BioRomper was born from images of hyper cautious travelers wearing full blown hazmat suits to board airplanes. Our team was inspired by the design challenge of fusing fashion and function to create something more practical for consumers on the move in our current context – a new kind of garment for the new normal.

We partnered with a local NYC designer and manufacturing expert to bring our vision for a futuristic full-body garment to life. Our partner has deep expertise in sustainability – pretty soon, this became a cornerstone of our product vision too.

We realized that if we truly wanted to make something innovative, that meant using high-quality recycled materials and using plastic-free packaging. So that's exactly what we've done.

From a functional standpoint, we wanted to create something that provides wearers with a little peace of mind. Our garment provides head-to-toe coverage with a sleek and stretchy blend of fabrics to provide an additional layer between you and the germs lurking on seats, headrests and other surfaces.

The synthesis of these efforts is BioRomper. We hope you enjoy wearing "your new supersuit" as much as we enjoyed making it. Here's to a brighter future.

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